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Step 2

The tool locks on to the truss simply by folding over. As each additional truss is set into position, the tool is simply unfolded one space at a time. In doing this, a spur point is forced into the truss forming a firm attatchment.

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Even a few Truslock Tools
can make a difference.

Truslock is a safe, re-usable spacing tool that is designed to lock trusses in place simply by folding over. They are accurate to within 1/8" per 100' and carry a 450 pound strength rating for the completed assembly.

On residential size jobs, the ridge application is the key to improving accuracy and efficiency.

On commercial size jobs, Truslock accurately enables the tools to be substituted with permanent bracing as the job progresses. This allows the tools to be moved forward and re-used over and over.

Truslock tools work well on all job sizes and Truslock guarantees your satisfaction.

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