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Reduce Labor and crane costs

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Improve Job Safety

Improve accuracy

Truslock tools save time by speeding up some parts of the job and eliminating others altogether.

Conventional methods requiring crane operators to maneuver trusses under projected lateral bracing and for workmen to drive nails from awkward positions are time consuming and no longer necessary.

Truslock tools unfold space at a time as needed. They speed up the crane by not projecting out so far as to interfere with truss placement and since there is no nailing required the job is completed in a fraction of the time.

The Truslock system is always accurate, eliminating the need to make spacing adjustments after the job is in place. This allows a one step through approach to the job, including all permanent bracing as you go. At times, Truslock tools can be substituted with permanent bracing and moved forward and reused throughout the length of the job.

Truslock customers report savings of thirty percent or more in labor and crane costs.

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Accurate even on long jobs

Truslock tools inter-connect forming a rated brace that is accurate to 1/8 inch in 100 feet. Accuracy to this degree enables workmen to brace permanently as the job goes together. This usually saves a step and improves safety as well.

Get serious about job safety

Truss installation may well represent the most hazardous job faced by your workmen. Accidents here tend to be very serious in nature and usually involve several people. In short, the risks are simply too great to overlook. Since many of these accidents are caused by human error, one should first realize that no tool can take the place of a careful and well trained crew. However, in many ways, Truslock offers a safer approach to the job by eliminating many of the more dangerous situations that contribute to the accidents.

- With conventional methods a dangerous situation occurs as crane operators maneuver trusses under projected lateral bracing. Once under, if the truss is picked up too high, it will strip bracing off trusses already in place. Unlike conventional methods, Truslock tools extend space at a time as needed allowing the crane to place trusses without this interference.

- Truslock tools carry a 450 lb. strength rating for the completed assembly and since the tools can be connected together, this strength rating can be extended throughout the length of the job.

- Truslock connections are much more positive than conventional nail on methods. As workmen struggle to drive nails from awkward positions, it is all too easy to miss the objective.

- Truslock tools are accurate to 1/8 inch per 100 feet. This degree of accuracy allows the permanent bracing to be included as the job progresses. Nothing improves safety more than bracing permanently as the job goes together.

- Truslock accuracy eliminates the need to make spacing corrections after the job is in place. Unfortunately many jobs fall as workmen remove bracing in order to make corrections.

- The Truslock system also reduces risk by cutting exposure time. With Truslock the job simply doesn't take as long.

Material costs are high now and bound to go higher in the future.

Any savings here will accumulate over time. Truslock tools are very durable and completely reusable.

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