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Truslock Accuracy improves both the safety and efficiency of truss installation. By controlling to within 1/8 inch per 100 feet, Truslock Tools eliminate the need to readjust truss spacings before sheathing is placed. Accuracy to this degree enables workmen to brace more permanently as the job goes together. This usually saves steps and improves safety as well.

Many times permanent bracing of roof sheathing can relieve the tools, allowing them to be carried forward and re-used on the same roof. In this respect, even a few Truslock Tools can make a big difference.

Truslock tools are compact and easy to control. Their folding design enable the tools to extend, spacing each truss as needed, without projecting out so far as to interfere with placement of the next truss. This feature is especially helpful if trusses are being crane lifted.

Truslock Tools allow quick safe connections to be made with the least amount of hands. This is very helpful as workmen climb to brace points and need a free hand.

Truslock Tools are designed and tested to meet industry recommendations for lateral bracing. They carry a strength rating of 450 pounds for the completed assembly, with a safety factor of two. Truslock Tools can be connected together to form a rated brace on long jobs.

Truslock Tools are built to be very durable. In fact, they even apply well to assembly line work. Modular home manufacturers report their tools are still in good condition after years of continual use.

  Truslock Tools can be applied two or three times faster than conventional methods.

Contractors report savings of thirty percent of more in labor and crane cost.

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